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Making Your New Ford Even Greener

Ford vehicles are renowned for their terrific fuel economy and environmental sustainability. When you are shopping for a new Ford SUV at the Ford dealership in Houston, you may want to consider other ways that you can go green with your driving experience. For example, following a routine vehicle maintenance schedule will ensure that your Ford’s engine and other systems are operating at peak efficiency. An efficient car will consume less gasoline and produce fewer emissions that are harmful to the environment. During your oil changes and other tune-ups, you can also ask your mechanic to dispose of your vehicle’s fluid wastes at eco-friendly facilities. These simple steps will make your new Ford even greener.

For more information about all of the eco-friendly Ford vehicles in Houston, call A.C. Collins Ford at (281) 604-3549. Our Ford dealership carries a terrific selection of the latest Ford models, and we can help you choose a new car that will provide you with a green driving experience.

The New 2015 Ford Edge

For 2015, Ford has debuted a brand new version of the Ford Edge. When creating the brand new Ford Edge, Ford focused on three pillars of engineering: design, driving experience, and technology. The Ford Edge delivers with brand new styling, thoughtful performance dynamics, and the latest in Ford’s infotainment and safety features. A new trapezoidal design provides the Edge with the appearance of being in motion, even when it is parked. To take a look at the new 2015 Ford Edge, check out this video from Autobytel.

At A.C. Collins Ford, we carry a great selection of new Ford Edge models. If you are seeking quality Ford vehicles in Houston, be sure to pay a visit to our highly rated Ford dealership. For more information about the great car shopping experience that we have to offer, call us at (281) 604-3549.

The Legacy Continues with the 2015 Ford Mustang

The Mustang is among the most legendary Ford vehicles in history. Since 1965, this iconic pony car has been thrilling drivers with its unstoppable performance and thrilling good looks. In celebration of the 50 th anniversary of the Ford Mustang, Ford has unveiled a brand new version of their top selling sports car. When you visit the Ford dealership, you are sure to be amazed at the innovative features that the new Ford Mustang has to offer you. Here is a closer look at how Ford is continuing the legacy of the Mustang in 2015.

Powerful Performance

Throughout its history, the Ford Mustang has symbolized power and performance. In 2015, Ford has continued the Mustang’s legacy of power by introducing a range of engine options that all deliver 300 horsepower or more. If you are seeking the ultimate driving thrill, Ford’s 5.3-liter V8 engine will amaze you with its 536 horsepower and 429 lb-ft of torque.

Dynamic Design

Along with ensuring that each Mustang model offers fantastic performance ratings, the engineers have Ford have also updated the exterior design of the 2015 Mustang. For the current model year, the new Mustang draws inspiration from the iconic Ford models of the past. With its sleek curves and aggressive front end, the 2015 Mustang is certain to inspire envy as you drive down the road.

Responsive Handling

If you are a driving enthusiast, you are sure to be amazed by the responsive handling and performance that the 2015 Ford Mustang has to offer you. Key features, such as power assist steering and integral-link independent rear suspension, will help you hug every curve and turn. High performing brakes will also provide you with total confidence as you perform advanced driving maneuvers.

To learn more about the fantastic features of the newest Ford vehicles, be sure to call A.C. Collins Ford at (281) 604-3549. Our dealership offers a terrific lineup of Ford vehicles in Houston, and our friendly staff will help you choose the new Ford of your dreams. We look forward to seeing you at our showroom in the near future.

The 2015 Ford Edge: Innovation from the Ground Up

Ford vehicles continue to push the envelope for innovation and design. With the introduction of the 2015 Ford Edge, Ford has ushered in a brand new era for SUV technology. With its show-stopping good looks and unbeatable performance, the Ford Edge is among the most thrilling Ford vehicles that await you at the Ford dealership in Houston. Here is a tour of some of the innovative features that the Ford Edge has to offer your daily drives.

Commanding Exterior

The 2015 Ford Edge has been designed to turn heads on the road. When designing the exterior of this bold SUV model, Ford incorporated stylish features that are innovative and aerodynamic. From the front, an eye-catching grille will announce your presence on the road. With its aerodynamic body lines, the Ford Edge SUV has been carefully engineered to carve through the air as you travel down the road.

Versatile Performance

When you purchase the new Ford Edge, you will have three innovative engine options to choose from. A 2.0-liter EcoBoost engine provides outstanding fuel efficiency, while also delivering fantastic horsepower. For additional horsepower and performance features, you can also choose between 3.5-liter Ti-VCT V6 or 2.7-liter V6 EcoBoost engines.

Advanced Technologies

Ford has equipped the 2015 Edge with advanced technologies that will keep you safe and connected as you drive. With the latest driver-assist technology package from Ford, your Ford Edge will provide you with valuable safety features as you park and drive. For example, enhanced active park assist will help you ensure that you are able to guide your car into every parking space with ease.

If you would like to take the 2015 Ford Edge for a spin, come to A.C. Collins Ford to take one of our new models for a test drive. We proudly provide our satisfied customers with a fantastic car shopping experience, and our Ford dealership offers a range of new Fords for you to choose from. Call (281) 604-3549 to learn more about the models that we currently have in stock.

The Basics of Caring for Your New Ford

When you drive a new Ford home from the Ford dealership, you will feel great knowing that your car has been built to last. In order to preserve the performance, safety, and efficiency of your Ford SUV, it is a good idea to practice proper vehicle maintenance. For example, to keep your Ford in peak driving shape, you should be sure to create a preventative maintenance plan with your mechanic. In the event that you suspect that there may be a maintenance issue with your Ford, you should be sure to schedule service right away. By taking care of small repair issues as soon as possible, you will help your Ford last for many miles down the road.

At A.C. Collins Ford, our Ford dealership service offers all of the procedures your Ford needs to remain in great driving condition. As a leading seller of Ford vehicles in Houston, we have the knowledge and experience needed to help you choose the right Ford for you. Contact our Ford dealership at (281) 604-3549 to schedule a service appointment today.

What to Know About Buying an SUV

When you are shopping for a vehicle that will provide you with the ultimate in convenience and comfort, you may want to consider purchasing a Ford SUV. A Ford SUV will provide you with ample cargo and passenger room, while also offering fantastic fuel economy and innovative technology. A Ford dealership offering new Ford vehicles in Houston is sure to offer the perfect Ford SUV for your driving needs. To help you make your purchase, here is a look at some essential factors to consider when you are shopping for an SUV at the Ford dealership.

Sizes and Market Segments

The Ford SUV lineup comes in a variety of sizes that are geared towards specific market segments. For example, a compact SUV is a great choice if you are shopping for a vehicle that offers additional space, while retaining the handling and feel of a car. Full-sized SUVs offer the capabilities of pickup trucks, while including additional room for passengers.

Fuel Economy

Fuel economy is another essential factor to consider when you are shopping for a Ford SUV. Ford’s SUV lineup boasts fantastic fuel economy figures that will save you trips to the gas station. If you are shopping for a Ford SUV that offers great fuel economy, you may want to choose a model that has been equipped with an EcoBoost engine.

Safety Features

Safety is another essential factor to consider when you are shopping for a Ford SUV. Ford’s SUV models have been designed with a range of innovative safety features that will keep you fully protected as you drive. From advanced airbags to lane departure warning and more, Ford’s SUVs are sure to provide you with the ultimate in safety and convenience.

At A.C. Collins Ford, we are thrilled to offer our Houston customers a fantastic lineup of SUV models. From the sporty Ford Edge to the commanding Ford Explorer, our new Ford inventory is sure to include the perfect SUV for your driving style. To set up a test drive of a new Ford today, give us a call at (281) 604-3549.

A Sneak Peek at the 2016 Ford Mustang Shelby GT350

The 2016 Ford Mustang Shelby GT350 has been designed to shatter your driving expectations. With its aggressive good looks and blistering performance ratings, the Shelby GT350 is equally at home on the road or track. Under the hood, this sport-tuned Ford features an engine that delivers more than 500 horsepower. To help you harness the power of the Shelby GT350, Ford has also equipped this vehicle with a responsive six-speed manual transmission. To take a sneak peek at the 2016 Ford Mustang Shelby GT350, watch this video from Autobytel.

When you are shopping for new Ford vehicles in Houston, be sure to pay a visit to the A.C. Collins Ford dealership. As a leading Ford dealership in the local area, we proudly carry a range of Ford models that will be sure to thrill you. To schedule a test drive of a new Ford Mustang, call us today at (281) 604-3549.

A Look at the Ford Super Duty Lineup

If you are seeking a tough and hardworking pickup that will exceed your every driving expectation, you may want to check out the Ford Super Duty lineup. This exceptional class of Ford trucks has been designed with the most demanding tasks in mind. When creating the Ford Super Duty, the engineers at Ford took the features of the classic Ford F-150 to the next level of toughness. A Ford dealership offering new Ford vehicles in Houston can answer your questions about the features of the newest Super Duty trucks. Read on to learn more about the key features of the Ford Super Duty Lineup.

Powerful Engine Options

At the heart of the Ford Super Duty is a powerful engine that offers all of the capabilities you need to tow the heaviest loads and cross over the roughest roads. For the 2016 model year, Ford has updated their Super Duty trucks with an available 6.7-liter V8 Turbo Diesel engine that delivers a best-in-class 440 horsepower. With all of this power, you will be ready for your driving adventures.

Fantastic Towing Capabilities

Along with its powerful engine, the Ford Super Duty has also been equipped with fantastic towing capabilities. This advanced Ford truck boasts a GCWR of up to 40,400 lbs. If you plan on towing heavy loads, the Ford Super Duty is the pickup for you.

Confortable Interior Design

While the Ford Super Duty is incredibly tough and capable, this pickup has also been engineered with your comfort in mind. For example, the Ford Super Duty King Ranch comes outfitted with premium leather upholstery and iconic badging. From behind the wheel of your Super Duty, you will enjoy a driving experience that is without comparison.

To get behind the wheel of a rugged Ford Super Duty, be sure to make a trip to A.C. Collins Ford. The expert sales team at our Ford dealership in Houston will be thrilled to tell you more about Ford’s newest trucks. For more information about our current inventory, call us at (281) 604-3549.

Taking Care of Your Car's Interior

Buying a new car is always an exciting experience, especially when it looks as nice on the inside as it does on the outside. Fortunately it is easy to keep your new Ford vehicle’s interior spotless. Here is an overview of how to take care of your car’s interior.

Unless you set a few car ground rules, your interior can quickly fill with clutter. Consider keeping snacking in the car to a minimum to reduce the amount of crumbs you find in your upholstery. It helps to give your interior a quick clean out every so often; grab a trash bag and throw out any empty water bottles and fast food wrappers that may have flown under the radar. It is also a good idea to use weather mats that you can remove from your vehicle so that you can clean them once they start looking dirty.

Do you need help taking care of your car’s interior? Call A.C. Collins Ford at (281) 604-3649. Our Ford dealership is proud to work with Ford SUVs, Edges, and Fiestas. If you would like to learn more about our new Ford vehicles in Houston, feel free to visit our website today.

Engine Options in the 2015 Ford Edge

Ford customers enjoy the freedom to customize their new Ford vehicles. The 2015 Ford Edge features three engine options with this freedom and flexibility in mind. Watch this video clip for a look at your engine options in the 2015 Ford Edge.

The 2015 Ford Edge includes three engine options. The 2-liter EcoBoost Twin Scroll Turbo is a single turbo that would convince you it is a twin with the way it turns energy into response. The 2.7-liter EcoBoost Twin turbocharged V6 comes standard in your 2015 Ford Edge Sport, and it offers excellent efficiency as well as power. 2014’s proven 3.5-liter V6 engine is also available as a third option.

For more information about the engine options in the 2015 Ford Edge, call A.C. Collins Ford at (281) 604-3649. Our team provides high quality Ford vehicles in Houston. You can learn much more about our Ford Edge models by visiting our website today.

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